Why print should
not be dead

“Why print should not be dead” is a book I created to answer the question if print is dead. Today, technology is growing so fast and we tend to get easier information by using devices such as Ipads and smart phones. Some people may perhaps presume that print will be dead someday and I wanted to prove differently. I wanted to alight the fact that both media should not be seen as two different entities because they work together and rely on each other.

This book is made to stimulate different human perceptions and highlight the relationship they already have which we don’t see. You can read this book, feel it, listen and watch it. By placing a smart phone or tablet and an app called “Aurasma” on top of each image of the book, each page comes alive. Images are recognized creating an interactive experience between print and digital.

The book was hand bound and the cover was letter pressed.

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