“One Obsession”

Sports brand Oakley hand-picked and challenged myself along three other graduates to work on a design brief, part of their “One-Obsession” worldwide campaign. We were each tasked with creating, developing and presenting a single design outcome showcasing the diversity of London’s cycling community. This would then be displayed on the gallery wall space at the “In residence workshop” in London during the month of August 2015.

I personally created an interactive piece of design that could alight the extreme side of cycling in London. “Memento” is about BMX and the moment when obsession manifests. For BMX riders, it isn’t about winning but the challenge you establish with yourself and how far you can push yourself to succeed. It is about evolution and commitment through time, landing the perfect tricks. The word ‘Memento’, which in Latin means “anything that serves a reminder,” is used to emphasize the moment of achieving your obsession.

The final design was a large sized board and an attached rotating wheel that users could play around with. I wanted to create an interactive piece that could be seen from different perspectives.

Some of the photos show my design presented to the Oakley team as a 2D prototype before its final production.

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More photos and videos coming up!